Blackford-MiddletonThis is it. iHealth is THE operational informatics-focused conference where healthcare professionals who are involved in transforming care delivery convene to share ideas, research and best practices. AMIA is leading this collaborative effort to deliver an education and training experience that informatics advocates and healthcare professionals have been wanting for a long time. iHealth fills the gap for those who want to engage in knowledge sharing that helps with their efforts to radically improve healthcare delivery.

iHealth is the conference that demonstrates how informatics principles are currently being applied to information systems within health care delivery organizations to increase quality, reduce costs and enhance services—with the ultimate goal of transforming the care delivery experiences of patients.

AMIA is convening a dream team of experts to develop an authentic, well-differentiated conference that allows experts in the field to introduce the growing number of healthcare and health information technology professionals to AMIA, AcademyHealth, the American Nurse Informatics Association (ANIA), the American Medical Directors in Information Systems (AMDIS) and to the field of applied clinical and operational informatics.

AMIA is well known for its Annual Symposium on biomedical and health informatics and the Joint Summits on Translational Science. iHealth is different. It’s about applied clinical and operational informatics and is specifically tailored for clinicians that use informatics tools in the clinical workplace. No one in informatics draws the broad base of support or expertise to an event like AMIA and our collaborators. We look forward to your participation in the conference and working with you to transform the American healthcare system.

Join us and together we can stop wishing for a health care system that works and start experiencing a system that works … for all of us.

Contact Ross Martin, MD, AMIA Vice-President of Corporate Relations and Business Development at or direct message him on Twitter @rossmartin. Call 202-697-3077 to connect.

See you in January 2014.

Blackford Middleton
Chair, AMIA Board of Directors 2014-15

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